Below is some useful terminology, which you will come across, with the meanings.

Japenese Terminology

How to Say It

CHUICheweeA caution (penalty equivalent to five points)
DOJODoe JoeHall or room in which Judo is practised
HAJIMEHa Jim EeStart, referee's call to commence a contest
HANSOKU MAKEHan Sock U Mack EeDisqualification
IPPONIponOne point (score value of ten points)
JUDOJu DoeGentle Way or Supple Way
JUDOGIJu Doe GiThe clothes worn when practising or competing at Judo
JUDOKAJu Doe KaA person who practises Judo
KOKACocaThree point score
MATTEMa TayStop, referee's call to stop a contest
NEWAZAKnee Waz AhGroundwork
OBIO BeeBelt
OSAEKOMIO Sa Ko MeHolding, referee's call signalling to the timekeeper that a hold is effective
RANDORIRan Dor EeFree practice
SENSEISen SayTeacher, Senior
SHIAIShy IContest
SHIDOShe DoeNote (penalty equivalent to three points)
SONOMAMASon O Mam AFreeze, do not move
SORE MADESory MadeReferee's command that is all finish
UCHIKOMIOoh Chi Comb EeA repetitive exercise where the throwing technique is practised
UKEMIU Kem EeThe 'breakfall'
UKEU KeyUsed often in technical explanations for the person who is thrown in demonstrations
WAZA-ARIWah Zar EeA score, almost an ippon (score value of seven points)
WARA--ARI-AWASETE IPPONWah Zar Ee Ah Was Ett Ee IponIppon achieved by having scored two WAZA-ARIS
YUKOYou KoA score, almost a waza-ari (score value of five points)
ZAREIZah RayKneeling bow
ZORIZorryToe grip straw sandals