Apollo Judo Club currently has two coaches and 1 instructor.

Chris Borman, 3rd Dan, Senior Club Coach

Chris is currently Head Coach at Apollo Judo Club. Chris started at the club at the age of 9 and is the only original member of the club still on the mat.

Since gaining his dan grade in 1992, Chris has been coaching at the club and completed his Club Coach Award in November 1995.  Since then he has taken his Senior Club Coach Award and Area Referring Qualification as well as various courses to continue the club's progression.  Previously, Chris has been the Club Chairman for 10 years but stepped down to become Secretary to concentrate on coaching and setting up a coaching structure for the club. 

At this time, Chris is working towards his 4th Dan and intends to become a senior examiner in the next few years.

Darrell Peters, 1st Dan, Club Coach

Darrell is the current Club Coach at Apollo Judo Club.  Darrell joined the club in May 2000 as a novice and gained his Dan gade in September 2003.

Just before gaining his Dan grade, Darrell was assisting with coaching at the club and completed his Club Coach Award in March 2003.  Darrell has also completed various courses to continue the club's progression.  Darrell is the current  Club Chairman and is working on the off mat structure of the club.  Darrell has worked with Raging Bull to provide the club with a new club badge and clothing resulting in the club now having a range of clothing including t-shirts, polo shirts and fleeces.

At this time, Darrell is currently working towards his 2nd Dan.

Luke James, 1st Kyu, Instructor

Luke has been with the club since 1991 and started at the age of 5, Luke had a couple of years break due to a motor incident, but fought back to make a full recovery. Luke gained his instructor award in 2014, and is now working towards his Technical Dan Grade.